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Ranges, Epoch, and Leap Years
in the XRS Calendar

"It may be commonly thought that new millennia in the XRS Calendar lag some 34 years behind those in the Gregorian Calendar. That would be a mistake. New millennia in the Gregorian Calendar lag some 4,966 years behind those in the XRS Calendar."
~ Gordon M. Brown

The algorithms that underlie the XRS Calendar's leap year system are proprietary. For that reason, discussion of that system, and the decisions that dictate the calendar's ranges and epoch, will be temporarily withheld from public view until such time as (1) adequate copyright protection has been procured; (2) possible patent protection has been pursued; and (3) native apps to implement unrestricted versions of the calendar are developed and released to the public. In due course, this page will explore in depth the genesis of the XRS Calendar's leap-year system, and the ranges and epoch will be explained and justified as well. The explanation will be bolstered by numerous illustrations, tables, and graphs.

In the meantime, any individual, group, or organization that wishes to incorporate the XRS Calendar clocks within their website or blog may do so with prior written permission from this author, as well as a proper citation of their source. At his discretion, the author may offer to assist in this incorporation, sometimes for a nominal fee.

For additional information about protections and other terms of use, please consult this webpage.